Kate Flow

Flow Arts Dancer


Hula Hoop Goddess

Calming. Relaxing. Full of lights and beautiful visuals.

Hula Hoop Warrior

Dynamic. Wild. With elements of yoga and capoeira.

Cyberpunk Dancer

LED hula hoops, dragon staff, fushigi ball... Martial Arts meet Contemporary Dance... Cyber Fire!

Hula Hoop Stars

Contemporary dance with a deep message.

My Skills: Flow Arts

Fire Show Dancer

I love Fire! My props: palm torches, fire fans, contact staff, dragon staff.

LED Show Dancer

My LED toys: hula hoops, fushigi ball.


Martial Arts mixed with dance and yoga. What a view!

Contemporary Dancer

Fully immersed in emotions and charm.

Motion Capture Dancer
My Story

Kate Flow

From Game Designer to Hula Hoop Dancer

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Via email or Social Media.

Email: kateflow.hulahoop@gmail.com

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