Where The Magic Begins

From Game Designer to Hula Hoop Dancer

The story begins when I'm a girl age about 8.
I win the community tournament 'who will spin the hula hoop the longest'. image
I love to dance, spin my hula hoop and play video games. In upcoming years I dance in dance troups and perform with both the team and myself, creating my own choreographies. image
I also create game prototypes by drawing them on pieces of paper. image Fast forward, I choose psychology to study and after having a degree I start working as a PR & Social Media Ninja for gaming companies. After a few years I start creating games, as I always dreamed about, and I work as a Game Designer. In the meantime, after hours, I dance with my hoop and learn new tricks found on the internet. image image

Hula Hoop Dance

I am self taught. Everywhere I go, I take my hoops with me. I love to dance with my hoops, using the tricks in the flow. image

It's been 10 years since I'm dancing with my hoops and every day I want more.
That's why 3 years ago I decided to be a professional Hula Hoop Dancer and live my passion.

I love to inspire others to hoop and do whatever they love the most. I make it by spreading the magic of hooping when I perform and during my workshops.
I am the first Meditative Hula Hoop Teacher in Poland. I'm opening people up to dancing with hoops even if they don't know any tricks yet. image

Movement Love

Contemporary dance, intuitive dance, yoga, rollerblades, cantienica, swimming, techniques of relaxation and visualization, meditation and conscious breathing inspired by Wim Hof Method. image
This is what I love.
My dance is a mix of all the things I do with movement. image

Martial Arts

Warrioress energy had always been with me.
In primary and high school I trained Tae Kwon-Do. At college I started to train Capoeira, which is still with me during my movement journey. image My newest performances 'Hula Hoop Warrior' and 'Cyberpunk Dancer' are a merge of hula hoop dance, contemporary dance, yoga and capoeira moves. image

Fire Dancer

Dancing with fire is my latest passion.
I dance with Palm Torches, Fire Fans, Contact Staff and Dragon Staff. image Watch the magic (Collab with Hinkstep):

Collabs with Musicians

I danced at concerts of: Solar Fields, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Entheogenic, Hinkstep, SoundDome (Alia Fay, HOLOfreebird). image Solar Fields 'SOL': SoundDome gig: Thank you for visiting me here on my site and getting to know me a bit more. Enjoy :) image

Kate Flow - Kate Urmanowicz

Hula Hoop Dancer